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With a dream to inspire the spirit of creative collaboration across the world, we are extremely excited to announce a global collaboration with Ideas World Cup and the BIC Corporate Foundation.

The Foundation’s core mission is to drive high-quality education programs for all. With a focus on building creative skills, the Bic Foundation directly enables and empowers participants to build stronger, more inclusive, and more creative communities.

In 2021, Executive Director of the BIC Corporate Foundation, Alison James, invited a small group of committed individuals
(researchers, practitioners, educators, NGO leaders, and policymakers) to form the Global Creativity Community Practice aka C-COP.
The purpose of the C-COP is to accelerate the development of creative skills, amplify creativity in the design of education programs, and promote creativity in the adoption of education policies across the globe for our children and youth.

This founding group is excited to now announce the launch of our global manifesto for Creativity in education on April 21st – International Creativity Day Join us in co-creating the world's largest brainstorm for social change...and become part of our global C-COP community.

We share a vision in which creativity will support the healthy evolution of individuals, communities, organizations, and companies as we dream, scheme, and imagine a world of accessible and inspiring education for all!


Creativity Community of Practice We believe, in a context of rapid transformation of our society, our economies and our workforces, that creativity is an essential skill and a foundational building block for the 21st century.

We believe that all children and youth, regardless of their background, should be supported to reach their full potential and equipped with a set of creative skills which empowers them to thrive today and into the future.

Creativity breeds innovation, builds resilience, inspires freedom to act, and drives  changemaking.  Creativity enhances our ability to imagine and manifest a desired future that better serves the individual, the collective and humanity as a whole.

Our Purpose:

Our community exists to accelerate the development of creative skills, to amplify creativity in the design of education programs, and to promote creativity in the adoption of education policies across the globe for our children and youth. We drive equal access to quality education by celebrating plurality in all its forms and by building an open and inclusive forum for collaborative knowledge creation and sharing. We aspire to be a driving force in championing Creativity for children and youth across the globe


Because it is an underserved concept in our education systems globally

Because teachers and parents need to be better supported

Because it is a transformational tool for driving social equity

Because investing in our children today, builds a brighter future for tomorrow

Come join us and be part of our Global Community of Practice Together we will inspire the world and co-create a stronger, more innovative educational ecosystem One that inspires the children of today, builds the change-makers of tomorrow and empowers our youth to make their mark on this world!

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