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Organizers are the heart of the celebration. Apply below if you want to become an organizer for your region.  Here are some answers to your most common questions:

What is an organizer?
Organizers can be individual professionals, institutions, companies, etc. The main role of an organizer is to drive participation in the competition. If you are an individual you can invite friends and family to participate. If you are an institution you can do a dedicated IWC activity, day, or even a creativity week and celebrate by participating with your ideas. 
You can set up your own events and webinars under the IWC banner, or point your guests to one of the many events that will be happening worldwide.
how do i become an organizer?
Fill out the form and indicate the city and unique name for your creative hub. For example, if you are in Madrid and you are from the ESADA university your event could be named: #IWCxESADA. Everyone that generates ideas using your hashtag in the platform will add to you as an organizer and to the city, they are in. There can be multiple organizers in each city and you can collaborate with other local professionals.
why should i become an organizer?
Organizers get visibility throughout the world as creative beacons for good. You will not only be contributing having a more creative world but also to solving real problems that we face. The people that you invite could win the award as the best idea and you and your city could get the most creative city award. *bragging rights included.
It’s free, it’s fun, it’s easy and it’s for a good cause. 
i want to get involved, how do i start? 
Do not worry, we are here to help. When you sign up as an organizer you will receive a set of resources to get you started. Including videos, guides, and marketing materials to promote among your peers. You will also reccieve direct support from our group. Just fill out the form below and let’s change the world together! 

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